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What is The DIF Showcase?


· The DIF Showcase

The DIF Showcase is the CBD program in the Victorian Digital Innovation Festival held at Hub Melbourne daily from Monday 28 August to Wednesday 6 September, from 9.30am – 7.30pm are four 90-minute sessions set to inspire. Here's how we cam up with the program.


As part of the Digital Innovation Festival, the Victorian Government ICT Sector Development team called for speakers to share their passion for all things digital - 'Melbourne difference'. The response shows what inspires Melbourne's digital innovators to make a difference through technology. The program was co-curated with DIF Champions and entrepreneurs from Hub Melbourne along a daily theme.


Diversity of ideas and people is a core value of the Festival. Speakers will share their varied experiences of our vibrant ecosystem – whether a startup entrepreneur, international student, digital evangelist, technology expert, academic leader, government change agent, seniorpreneur or skilled migrant who has made Melbourne their home – they are all part of The DIF.


Each day there are four 90-minute sessions: kick off with a coffee with digital change makers; enjoy a lunch ‘n’ learn session with industry experts; join in a deep dive discussion with thought leaders and at the end wind down and meet Inspiring entrepreneurs. Each session will be unique and provide opportunities to connect and explore how technology is making a difference in Melbourne.

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